Cleaning hard to reach places - House Cleaning Florence

During a house cleaning, there are always areas that don't quite get clean. Places that seem obvious but may be out of mind when the bulk of the cleaning is the floor and appliances. To get your house fully clean and comfortable, think of these places next time you are engaged in house cleaning. It will be of immense satisfaction when you have finally cleared the area you've neglected for a long time just because you couldn't get close to cleaning it. House Cleaning Florence has a solution on how to clean these hard-to-reach spaces.

1. Ceiling fan

During house cleaning, cleaning the ceiling fan is considered a very difficult task, as it is always difficult to clean the ceiling fan. Although the simplest way to clean the ceiling fan is to use a pillowcase. But for this you also have to drag a ladder to stand up. When house cleaning, you can buy a perfect curved duster for cleaning the ceiling fan, which fits perfectly to the fan blades and all the dust and other particles will adhere to it and create less clutter during cleaning.


2. Shutters

When house cleaning, cleaning the curtains is also quite irritating and then cleaning the shutters is even more irritating. For a simple method, you can use tongs, wrap a cloth on both sides of the tongs, then slide it through the shutters and all the shutters will be easily cleaned. This is one of the professional methods used to clean the shutters.


3. Keyboard

During house cleaning, it is possible to find food crumbs and other dust particles trapped in the keyboard and it is almost impossible to properly clean the keyboard by removing every single bit of dust particles. When house cleaning, you can choose to rotate the sticky note on the opposite side, so that the sticky side is out and then pass it through the keyboard, it will paste all the crumbs and dust onto the paper and give you a clean keyboard in short time. You can even run the slim through the keyboard this also sticks the dust particles and gives you a clean keyboard.


4. Hard water minerals around the taps

During house cleaning, removing hard water minerals from the tap head is the most difficult task. Obviously nobody likes a clogged tap because it affects water pressure. For this, you should take the vinegar in a zipper enough to dip the tap head. Then dip the tap head in vinegar filled zipper and tie it with an elastic band and let it rest overnight. In the morning you will find that the mineral deposits have been removed and you will have an unclogged tap.

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