How to wash microfiber cloth and towels - House Cleaning Florence


The newer microfiber towels are wonderful. They get dirt up really well and aren't hard to keep clean. They do need to be kept clean though and that can't be ignored. House cleaning Florence has got few simple tips which you can use to keep your microfiber cloth clean!


When you are house cleaning, the microfiber cloth is great for picking up dirt and dust, but that's means it gets dirty and dusty. The best way to clean your microfiber cloth is actually a very simple and straightforward process. 


You should know the proper method to wash your microfiber cloth for house cleaning, this will ensure its suitability for repeated use and ensure its effectiveness. You can use either your hands or your washing machine to clean the microfiber cloth but there are some key things to know before you begin. 


Washing Microfiber Cloth: A guide 


Can you wash the microfiber cloth during the house cleaning? Yes, of course. The only "No"'s you need to remember are: 


- No heat

- No fabric softener 

- No laundry detergent


Remember that the microfiber cloths work best on their own or when you use them in conjuction with water for house cleaning; make sure that you don’t use cleaning products on the microfiber cloth that will stop it from working effectively. When you wash the microfiber cloth after cleaning make sure you don’t use any fabric conditioner or laundry detergent, all you need is water! 


Can I wash microfiber cloth in washing machine?

After your house cleaning, it’s good to wash the microfiber cloth on their own but if you plan to run a mixed load, make sure that it’s only with non-linting synthetic material; cotton and wool should be washed seperately. Wash the microfiber cloth on either a cool or warm setting without using detergent. After it's washed, let it air dry. 


Can I wash microfiber cloth by hand? 

As part of the house cleaning process, washing the microfiber cloth by hand is pretty straightforward, all you need is water. If you have a dirty microfiber cloth then soak in cold water and use your hands to agitate the dirt and grime. Rinse it and leave it to dry. 


Should I dry the microfiber towel in a tumble dryer or iron it? 

The answer is no, but if you are choosing tumble dryer then make sure that the setting is on low. Air drying microfiber cloth will not make it last longer but it will prevent the loose particles to get attached with the microfiber cloth when you tumble it. If you are going to use a dryer then use it at low settings and don’t mix it with non-synthetic material. 


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