Neutralizing oders in plastic containers - House Cleaning Florence


Plastic containers are infinitly useful. They also get pretty dirty. If you're using plastic containers there's a good chance they are starting to collect odors or become discolored. But don't worry, If you have plastic containers, these oders can be removed!. It will require a little bit of extra effort but it will be worth it to get rid of the bad odors from your plastic container.


Here are a few tips by house cleaning Florence which you can use to remove the odor from the plastic containers. 


How tdo I remove odor from the plastic containers? 

During the house cleaning process you should wash your plastic container in the dishwasher as it helps to remove the odor from the plastic container; if your container is not dishwasher then you can wash it by hand. 


Prior to starting the house cleaning process make sure that you go through the manufacturer’s instructions, this will tell you about the chemicals which should or shouldn’t be used on your container. 



During the house cleaning process, you can use newspapers to remove the odor from the plastic containers. First, you should use soapy water to wash the container, dry the container and put some newspaper inside the container. Let it sit for 2-3 days and the smell will be gone. 



For the house cleaning process, you can use a bleach solution as it kills microorganisms, bacteria and, removes stains. First wash the container with soapy water and then prepare a half bleach hlaf water solution and allow the container to soak for 4 hours. Later on use normal water to wash the container, the bad odors will be gone!



When you are house cleaning, you can wash the plastic container and then leave it in direct sunlight; this will dry it well and the bad odors will be finished! Be sure to you place the container directly in the sunlight for 2 hours. 


Coffee Powder: 

During the house cleaning process coffee powder can be used as an effective way rid your container of odors. First, wash your plastic container and dry it. After that put a 1 teaspoon of coffee powder in it and cover it with a lid for 2 days. The Coffee will replace the oders. 


Baking Soda: 

When house cleaning, once you are done with cleaning and drying the plastic container you can use a small amount of baking soda and fill the container with warm water. Close the lid and leave it overnight night. The next day, remove the lid and wash it with fresh water for get odor free container. 


For more great tips call your local house cleaning Florence experts.